Art is Activism

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I am a queer artist/activist, creative producer and enabler. I use Art as a medium for positive cultural growth. I used art activism to reach hearts and use playfulness to confront pain and injustice.

My current work is inspired by bonobos, who live without infanticide, rape and murder and are organised like a queer matriarch. They use touch and pleasure to subvert emotions like anger, rage and jealousy.

I have developed immersive multi-media workshops based around Bonobo culture. These constructed scenarios present and re-enact various aspects of bonobo culture. They delve into interpersonal relationships and non-verbal ways of communicating to deal with conflict whilst helping people re-imagine how we can care and support each other though focusing on what really matters.

The essence of these workshops is to guide people through alternative systems of relating to one another. To promote togetherness and connection as well as to rejuvenate our sense of belonging, whilst rediscovering our primal past and cultivating new maps for our future.

. See current work The Bonobo Experience